Why can't I see examples of the exact backgrounds being used for each theme? Every picture is different. The lighting is different, the coloring is different and the position of the people are different, because of this I cannot guarantee you will receive a certain background. I can guarantee it will be the theme you have chosen and that I will customize it with the highest level of detail and personalized attention.



What is the turnaround after I submit a photo? Your project could take a few days or a week to create the design. Then I will ship it standard USPS with a tracking #. Depending on where you live will depend on how long it will take to ship but could be between 2-6 business days. Shipping is always FREE!



Will I get a proof of my picture? I cannot provide a proof of the design for changes. This process takes a lot of thought and effort to get just right and opening it up to changes would slow it down significantly. I do however provide proofs of text being used on cards/invites. You will receive an email to approve text you submitted through the site through a separate email just in-case something was missed.



What if I don't like my package? Yikes, I hope that doesn't happen:( I won't be able to refund your money because once you have the files I will not be able to guarantee copies haven't been made. What I can say is I will be doing my best to create the best possible packages and if I feel like the picture isn't going to work with this process I will re-fund the money before I create it.



What if I made a mistake on wording for my personalization? You will receive an email with the customizery text you have chosen. If you realize it is incorrect contact me right away with your order # through the contact page. If the job hasn't been printed yet I can make sure it is corrected. If you receive the printed package and you realize you made a mistake (spelling error) contact me through the contact page with your order # and I can re-send you a new package for the cost of just prints, $3 each sheet. If you only purchased files I can email you corrected files at no charge.



Can I come up with my own background? At the moment I can only except the specified themes. I am looking into that as an option in the future:)



Do I have to buy a photo package to buy an Add-on like a poster or invitations? Yes. The cost of creating the design is the main cost of the print or file package.  I would then use that design to create the poster or invitations. You cannot only purchase a poster or invitations. BUT you can purchase just cards in quantities of 25, just not as an Add-on:)



Why are my pictures not uploading? I can only use large images to create an 8x10 photo. If you are using a photo off Facebook, an app or that has been sent by text, then the size has been shrunk. Please see the Good|Bad photo page HERE for more examples.



What will I receive in my print package (WE PRINT)? You will receive 1-8x10, 2-5x7's, 3-4x6's, 9-wallets and a CD of your package to print as many copies as you want. You took the picture so the license to print belongs to you.



What will I receive in my file package (YOU PRINT)? You will receive a CD with your package files that include 1-8x10, 2-5x7's, 3-4x6's, 9-wallets, print as many as you want. You took the picture so the license to print belongs to you.



How long will you keep my package on file? I will only keep your package on file for 30 days after you receive it. After 30 days your files will be deleted. Please make copies of your files on your computer so that you do not loose them. If you want to order additional prints before the 30 day period you may make a purchase of just prints and add your previous order # in the notes in the cart area.



Who will see my package? No one. I will never share your pictures on facebook or with anyone. You will be given a before and after picture file on your CD that you can share on facebook or instagram if you want to but I will never do that. You can also tag us or post your picture to our pages but I will never do it myself. I will only post pictures of my own children or family or personal friends that have agreed.






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