You Take the Photograph

From the Comforts of Home

Get the Perfect Smile/Pose

We've all been there, you get to the photo shoot and your child just won’t smile or sit still. You imagined this perfect shot but all you get is a serious snarl. Take all the time you need to get the perfect picture.

It’s not easy dragging the kiddo’s out in their Sunday best. Why not dress them up and sit them on the living

room floor. If their comfortable it will show.

We Add the Magic!

Take your photo to the next level. After you upload your file we will customize the perfect background base on your selected theme. This isn't a one size fits all service, each picture is transformed with the utmost care. No more backgrounds printed on a pull down sheet. No more having a stranger make funny faces to force a smile. No more running after your kid to sit still.


You might even already have the perfect picture, let us make it amazing!


Back in the day personal cameras were so bad you had to hire a professional, now everyone has a camera at their fingertips. The quality is so advanced, with mega pixels and

what-not, why not

use it?

What is an Official Mom Business? Unlike the fancy CEO’s at other companies this business has been created and run by me, a mom, right out of my home. The idea came to me while doing what I love to do, Graphic Design and of course being a mom. I have two beautiful girls (as you can see I used them all over my site) and I’m constantly creating fun images for them. My youngest is in awe when I show her the pictures, she then turns to me and asks, “Mom do you have magic?” I said “Yes, yes I do”.



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